1 week until Galentine's Day!

by Marta Johnson

What could make this pandemic Galentine's Day  amazing + meaningful?

Kick it Mother Earth style, virtually or masked in-person, with Tiny Planet! 

Send an eco-friendly card

You can send a physical card or e-card to all your favorite poetic land mermaids. 3 delightful planet-friendly messages printed on 100% recycled & recyclable materials.

Don't miss out the free bonus features!

You + your recipients receive a link to create your Tiny Planet  dashboard. 

  • Register and create your group name
  • Explore the curated eco-friendly activities for Galentine's Day (and beyond!)
  • Choose an activity you'd like to do 
  • We'll send you nudges to log that activity (and the pollution savings)

Plus -- to make Galentine's Day 2021 even sweeter, if you order this weekend you'll automatically get 21% off your order!

So what sorts of curated activities can you expect? 

There are three key activities to fill your eco-friendly Galentine's Day with: brunch, a walk or hike, and crafts. 


Friends, waffles, work is the sage advice Leslie Knope imparted us with from Parks and Rec. So obviously a solid list of plant-based brunch recipes that even JERRY/GARRY/LARRY could handle is a must. 

Free bonuses inside your Tiny Planet dashboard...

  • Curated list of plant-based brunch recipes 
  • Simple + approachable for non-vegans ;)
  • Ingredients and substitutes to copy and paste into a shopping list

The tastiest part? The pollution savings you can log for that meal (or others!) from eating a plant-based meal compared to the average meal consumed in the US. 


Amble to your nearest local park or explore some woods nearby. The potential to create amazing bonds outdoors while soaking in some NatureRx is enormous. 

Free bonuses inside your Tiny Planet dashboard...

  • Tips to take virtual hikes or safer in person hikes alongside car-free or low-driving days. 
  • Conversational prompts to send a message that makes you both smile and feel more connected during or after your stroll. 


Since we don't have a mountain of paperwork to get cozy with together, crafts are the next best way to share something fun with your pals. Although mercifully we've curated crafts MUCH less complex than the masterpieces Leslie threw together for her Galentines! 

Free bonuses inside your Tiny Planet dashboard...

  • Upcycled crafts that are fully recyclable
  • Designed to delight and be shared in a message or in the mail with friends
  • Extra tips on becoming an awesome recycler 

To get started head over to purchase a physical Galentines Day card for the most beautiful unicorns in your life! Virtual cards will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, February 9th.